Thursday, 22 August 2019

Well hello there!

 It’s been a very long time since my last post. Let’s just say, life has been very busy indeed.  Since I last blogged, my eldest daughter has been married, I’ve been to Africa, I’ve been working on various social media and videographer  projects  and finally I have been preparing my youngest daughter for her first year in senior school. So as you can see things have been pretty hectic around here but I have missed blogging and reading all of your lovely blogs too.

 So what next I hear you ask. Well, after becoming quite addicted to watching the inspirational videos from Marie Kondo and realising my house was full of things that didn’t spark joy, I decided to have a long overdue Declutter. Around the same time I started watching videos on YouTube that kept popping into my Recommended list.  These videos  got me to thinking about another way that I could add an income stream to the family finances.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner, but selling all my unwanted clutter on eBay has been a revelation. Things that I deemed only good enough for landfill, no longer loved by me, having no use or purpose in my life anymore  seem to be just what everyone else out there is looking for (insert shocked face here).

So with a 15-year-old eBay account that I have only ever used for buying things, I now started the task of listing all these things that I considered as rubbish.  It was then that the money started rolling in and I wondered why I hadn’t been doing this all along. I read somewhere that people will buy absolutely anything off eBay. The most obscure things like empty toilet rolls, empty perfume bottles & raggedy old trainers.  Basically if you can think of it and are prepared to list it you can bet that there is someone out there that will buy it.

In the coming months I will be starting a video and blog series that will follow my foray into the world of eBay re-selling.  This is a world where I have already discovered a wonderful helpful community of like-minded people doing all kinds of side hustles  to raise extra money for all kinds of reasons. This could include being a main income, a part-time job alongside their full-time job, as a hobby or perhaps to save for a dream holiday. Whatever the reason, this is something that absolutely anyone can do. If you have any kind of smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer you can open an eBay account and start selling & hopefully my new series will help you do just that.

 So there we go, I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Do you already sell your unwanted items on eBay? Do you use other reselling avenues like Facebook marketplace? Do you feel like you wouldn’t have time for this and so donate all your unwanted items to charity or send them to landfill?  If you have any other information or ideas on making money from home I would love to hear them. Feel free to leave your blog name below and links to any blog posts that you have done.

Lots of love
Donna xxx

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